KY Literary Network History

Kentucky’s literary landscape is well-rooted but always growing. The tools available to writers and readers are growing, too. Born from the long-standing Kentucky Literary Network and Newsletter, LexLitHub News is a place for Kentuckians to share and receive information about literary events happening far and wide.

The Kentucky Literary Newsletter was started around 2000 by Wind Publications as a method to bring literary news and events to public attention. This free resource grew from an email newsletter, distributed monthly, to a website with listings of bookstores, small presses, literary journals, and more in the state.

Unfortunately, the old Kentucky Literary Newsletter website at is no longer updated. If you are having issues with any hyperlinks or information on those websites, we are terribly sorry, but you will have to contact their webmaster with any questions or concerns.

The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning acquired the Kentucky Literary Newsletter in 2012, and the platform changed to reflect the scope of work being done by the Center at the time. The Kentucky Literary Network adopted a calendar system where organizers can submit their events, and continued with a curated monthly newsletter featuring prominent literary events.

With the same features, the Kentucky Literary Network became LexLitHub News, a product of Lexington Literary Hub (LexLitHub) and the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning, in 2018.

Spearheaded by the Carnegie Center, Lexington Literary Hub is a collaborative group with a mission to elevate Lexington as a literary city and connect literary communities across the state; the service provided by the calendar and newsletter reflect that mission.

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